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  1. Public administration salary range for selected public institution

  2. Labor market in Republic of Macedonia and the countries from the region

  3. Analysis of the 2018 proposed Budget of Republic of Macedonia

  4. Parliaments in the European Commission 2016 Progress Report for the Western Balkans

  5. Conclusions from cross-border bilateral meeting Bosnia and Herzegovina - Serbia, March 04th 2016, Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  6. Conclusions from bilateral meeting between the Committees for Budget, Finance and European Integration from the National Assembly of Republic of Srpska and Parliament of Montenegro, June 18-19th 2015, Trebinje, B&H

  7. FREEDOM IN THE WORLD 2016 Report: The Western Balkans

  8. Conclusions - Regional conference: Working to strengthen regional cooperation in the Western Balkans: Achievements and Prospects - 26th and 27th of November 2015, Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina;

  9. Parliaments in the European Commission 2015 Progress Report for the Western Balkans

  10. Recommendations from public debate: IPA 2 (2014 - 2020) Perspectives and Opportunities for Usage November 17-18th 2014, Skopje Republic of Macedonia

  11. Conclusions from transportation Bilateral meeting Montenegro - Albania, 15 June 2014, Ulcinj, Montenegro

  12. Conclusions - Regional conference on Parliamentary Oversight of Energy Policies and Energy Investments - 6-7 September 2014, Budva, Montenegro

  13. Conclusion from energy Bilateral meeting Serbia - Republic of Srpska, 23 December 2013, Jahorina, B&H

  14. Conclusions - Regional conference on The Role of Parliaments in Promoting Competitiveness - 3-4 March 2014

  15. Conclusions - IPA training Jahorina, 18-19 March 2014

  16. Conclusions from trilateral meeting - Trebinje 31.03.2014

  17. Conclusions from Bilateral meeting Macedonia - Serbia 15.11.2013

  18. Conclusions from Regional conference on Parliamentary IPA oversight - 12-13 October 2013

  19. Organizational charter and Governance Structure of NPC

  20. Rules of procedure of NPC

  21. Declaration of Cooperation among the Western Balkan Parliaments, and Establishment of the Regional Network of Parliamentary Commitees on Economy and Finance signed at the Regional Conference: The Role of Parliaments in Promoting Competitiveness and Econo