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Year: 2006 Keywords: improve


The NPC activities are aimed to:

  • Increase the role of the parliaments in the western Balkans in influencing their governments to develop and implement policies for economic, financial and political integration with the European Union.

  • Promote and share best parliamentary oversight and legislative practices among Network members though annual, biannual conferences, bilateral and multilateral committee meeting, workshops and consultations on issues of economic development, financial oversight and European integration.

  • Support the development of MPs and parliamentary committee staff skills and knowledge though training programmes, peer exchanges and study visits.

  • Improve parliamentary oversight processes on key demand led issues identified by NPC.

  • Improve the oversight role of the committees on Economy, Finance and European integration of western Balkans parliaments.
  • Support the organisation of oversight and public hearings on demand lead issues in the Western Balkan parliaments.

  • Strengthen the legislative function of Western Balkan parliaments through: building expert and financial capacities of the parliaments for law drafting, introduce transparent law adoption procedures;

  • Improve the quality of legislation that regulates the work of parliaments in the countries of the region.

  • Preserve and advance European perspectives for the countries in the region in the time of global financial and economic crisis.

  • Strengthen regional parliamentary cooperation in the western Balkans.