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Training on Parliamentary oversight of competitiveness policies, FDI and State Aid for staff members from Western Balkan parliaments

March 21-22nd 2014, Belgrade, Serbia

Regional training for parliamentary staff on FDI and State AID in the Western Balkans in Belgrade, Serbia.

Over 40 parliamentary staff members from the parliaments of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo*, Albania and Macedonia attended the regional training on Parliamentary Oversight of Competitiveness, FDI and State Aid, which took place in Belgrade, Serbia, on March 21-22nd 2014.

As parliamentary staff is essential in preparing and conducting parliamentary oversight, the training provided real-life examples and ways in which the employees of the Parliament can assist the work of the Members of Parliament in conducting oversight of legislative issues regarding state aid, competitiveness and FDI. The training was conducted by three regional experts from Serbia and Macedonia, one of them being a former MP and deputy speaker of the Serbian National Assembly.

The training covered a variety of topics and issues ranging from: the overseeing role of the parliament regarding policies on State Aid, competitiveness and FDI, understanding FDI and State Aid and manners in which they can be scrutinized as well as EU policies in regard to Competitiveness, State Aid and FDI. The participants had the opportunity to get practical tips on how to best support the MPs in their work.

A toolkit on State Aid, FDI and Competitiveness with regional legislative overview and examples was presented to the parliamentary staff members. Role-playing exercises on how to prepare briefs for MPs on different topics related to FDI and State Aid were also held.

“Shortening the period of transitioning of a new parliamentarian is crucial to our countries, and this can be only done through the expertise of the parliamentary stuff.” – Kristina Cuculoska, expert.

Having gone through examples from the neighbouring countries, the participants benefited greatly from exchanging expertise and ideas with their fellow Balkan counterparts.

“The great thing the WFD did is connecting the MPs and staff in a way that enhances cooperation.” – Rade Obradovic, MP, National Assembly of Republic of Serbia.

The training was organized by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) and the Network of Parliamentary Committees on Economy, Finance and European Integration in the Western Balkans (NPC) and is part of ongoing efforts to train committee staff on how to best support MPs from the Western Balkans in overseeing activities.