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Western Balkan MPs attend a workshop on IPA oversight at the European Parliament and a meeting with Vice-President Laszlo Surjan in Brussels

March 19th 2014, Brussels, Belgium

Part of the NPC delegation: Mr. Halid Genjac, Mr. Branislav Borenovic and Mr. Vladimir Marinkovic meet with the Vice-President of the European Parliament.


On March 19th 2014 in Brussels, members of the NPC European Integration and Oversight of IPA Funds working group attended a workshop and met with the Vice-President of the European Parliament, MEP, and Member of the Committee on Budgets, Mr. Laszlo Surjan.

At the workshop, five MPs from Western Balkan parliaments, Mr. Vladimir Marinkovic (Serbia), Mr. Branislav Borenovic (Republic of Srpska), Mr. Jasenko Selimovic (Parliament of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), Mr. Halid Genjac (Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Mr. Hajrula Misini (Assembly of Macedonia), held a discussion with Mr. Surjan about the Budget of the EU and how the European Parliament controls the spending of the structural funds, putting special emphasis on the most important fund for the Western Balkan countries, the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).

Mr. Vladimir Marinkovic, MP from the National Assembly of Republic of Serbia tweeted: “Great meeting with the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Laszlo Surjan, about the control of spending EU funds!”, while his colleague and Chairperson of the Committee on European Integration and Regional Cooperation within the National Assembly of Republic of Srpska, Mr. Branislav Borenovic, tweeted: “The only thing certain is that EUR 11.7 billion will be available to the Western Balkans starting from September 2014 until 2020. Who will be more successful, remains to be seen. #ipa2”.

The NPC delegation with their colleagues in the European Parliament.

During the visit, the delegation from the Western Balkans had the opportunity to hear from their colleagues from the European Parliament about the role of EP in the programming and implementation of the IPA II strategy, the Strategic Dialogue between the European Parliament and European Commission, the aligning of IPA II with the Enlargement Strategy as well as to discuss the process of development of parliamentary oversight capabilities in the Western Balkan parliaments.

The workshop was organized in cooperation with the Pre-Accession Actions Unit from the Directorate General for External Policies and the European Parliament and is part of the activities of NPC and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy. The workshop comes as a result of the newly established cooperation between NPC and the European Parliament, whereas a follow-up workshop for Western Balkan MPs on IPA 2 is planned for autumn 2014.