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Three parliaments, one common issue: “How to conduct oversight of IPA funds?”

 March 18th-19th 2014, Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mrs. Malinka Ristevska – Jordanova presenting the structure of IPA funds in Jahorina, BiH. 

A group of 18 MPs and parliamentary staff from the Assembly of Republika Srpska, the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, attended a regional training on Parliamentary Oversight of IPA Funds that took place in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 18th and 19th of March, 2014.

Having representatives from all three legislative bodies attend the training was a rare opportunity which allowed members to discuss not only improvements on a parliament level, but to also discuss state-level cooperation on parliamentary oversight of IPA funds in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I would like to thank WFD and NPC for giving us an opportunity to exchange opinions with all the parliaments of our country. In addition, the exchange between the Balkan countries is essential.” – Sead Dizdarevic, Secretary of the European Integration Committee in the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The participants had the chance to hear from an experienced practitioner , Mrs. Malinka Ristevska Jordanova, who gave a holistic overview of IPA oversight in other countries, as well as an introductory presentation on the structure and functioning of the new IPA II programme 2014-2020.

“I think it is very important to share expertise during trainings like this one, where we have local or regional experts that understand the issues. “ – Nermina Zaimovic Uzunovic, MP in the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The training was concluded with a session of drafting recommendations for the further work of the MPs and the parliamentary staff in BiH. Several key points emerged such as: the need to increase transparency of IPA funds spending through parliamentary oversight, the need to build an effective system of coordination between the different parliaments, and the legislative and executive powers in general were also stressed.

“There are two things that I would like to mention as crucial conditions for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s EU integration: Setting up a good system of vertical coordination and speaking as one voice as Bosnia and Herzegovina. “ – Sead Dizdarevic, Committee Secretary.

WFD is supporting the Network through a three-year programme, from 2012 to 2015, aimed at strengthening the role of the parliaments in the Western Balkans in promoting competitiveness and economic growth as well as strengthening their overseeing role.