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MP Aleksandar Damjanovic assumes the position of next NPC Board Chairperson.

March 4th 2014

Following the successful 6-month chairmanship of the NPC board by MP Vladimir Marinkovic from the National Assembly of Serbia on March 4th, the MP Aleksandar Damjanovic from Montenegro took over as chair of the NPC board for following 6 months and will coordinate the work of the Network until October 2014. Taking over as chair from Mr.Marinkovic, Mr.Damjanovic stated:

“I consider these bilateral and trilateral meetings in the Network as very important, as this may be the first time that we are having this sort of official twinning of parliamentary committees and with that parliaments are defining some common policies. We have a lot in common, so let’s turn this to our advantage, not only within the Network, but also in the region.

Mr.Damjanovic expressed his expectations and views on the future work of the NPC and its members in the upcoming 6 months.

“I am looking forward to seeing the members of the NPC in September in Montenegro when we will have a big conference on energy issues. For this conference, we will be mainly targeting the committees in our parliaments that deal with the topic of energy, but we would also like to invite MPs that cover this aspect in other committees.”

“Before the main conference in Montenegro, we have a series of seminars and workshops planned on bilateral and trilateral basis, on the topics such as energy, and infrastructure. With this, I would like to encourage all my colleagues to initiate meetings and seminars that they deem most necessary.”

Mr.Damjanovic became member of parliament in 2007 as candidate of the Socialist People’s Party of Montenegro. He holds a Master’s Degree in Banking and Financial Management from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, Serbia. He is currently the chairperson of the Committee on economy, finance and budget.