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Two meetings of the NPC Board take place in Belgrade, Serbia

January 24th and March 02nd2014, Belgrade, Serbi

On January 24th and March 02nd, 2014,  two meetings of the Board of the Network of Parliamentary Committees on Economy, Finance and European Integration took place in Belgrade, Serbia.  Board members reviewed past and agreed on future activities of the network. 

In the period between  October 2013 and March 2014, NPC organised  3 bilateral meetings on the topics of public spending, IPA oversight and energy investments, a regional training workshop for parliamentary staff  on  “Oversight over the spending of IPA funds” as well as study visit to the Scottish parliament.

Looking forward to the upcoming period, boardmembers discussed how to best organise the upcoming regional conference in Belgrade and organise activities that were planned by March 31st.

The new NPC website was presented and there were discussion how to increase the visibility of the NPC and present the work of NPC to relevant international stakeholders and regional initiatives.