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Scottish parliament welcomes NPC board members for a visit in Edinburgh

February 19-20th, Edinburgh, Scotland

Eight board and deputy board members from the Network of parliamentary committees for Economy, Finance and European integration of Western Balkans (NPC) took part in a study visit to the Scottish parliament on February 19 and 20th 2014 in Edinburgh. The NPC delegation consisted from MPs from the parliaments of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro.

During the visit the MPs had the opportunity to meet with MSPs from several committees and different bodies in the Scottish parliament, including members fromthe  Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body (SPCB); Finance Committee; Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee; European and External relation Committee and the Public Audit Committee.

During the two days the MPs from the Western Balkans had discussions with their Scottish counterparts about the role and the function of Audit Scotland; theyobserved an evidence session as part of the inquiry of the European and External Relations Committee in light of the Scottish Government’s proposal for independent Scotland’s membership in the European Union;  observed the First Ministers questions, and discussed how the SPCb governs and manages the work of the Scottish parliament.

The Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament, the Rt Hon Tricia Marwick MSPalso hosted a lunch for the Western Balkans delegation.

“It is fascinating to see how a parliament that is so young in regards to years is so well internally and professionally organized and fulfills not only the legislative role but also puts huge focus on the oversight role of the parliament. The Scottish parliament can and should be an example for the young democracies in the Western Balkans”, said Mr. BranislavBorenovic, NPC deputy board member from the National Assembly of Republic of Srpska.

The study visit is part of the ongoing  cooperation between the Scottish Parliament and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy on its Western Balkans programme and it is a first of aseries of study visits that will allow MPs and parliamentary staff members from NPC  to exchange experience and adopt good practices with their colleagues from Scotland.