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MPs meet to exchange practices on parliamentary oversight of IPA funds

On 15th of November 2013 in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, delegation from the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia headed by the Chairperson of the Committee for European issues, Mr. Hajrula Misini, accompanied by Mr. Malisa Stankovic from the committee on economy and Mr. Gordan Georgiev from the committee on European issues, had a bilateral meeting with a delegation from the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia headed by Prof. Dr. Vladimir Marinkovic, Chairperson of the NPC Board accompanied by Mr. Milorad Mijatovic and Mr. Radojko Obradovic from the Committee finance, budget and control of public spending, Ms. Slavica Savic from the Committee on Economy, Regional Development, Trade, Tourism and Energy and Mr. Karoj Cizik from the Committee on European integration.

The main purpose of the meeting was to exchange good practices between the two assemblies in the area of conducting a Parliamentary oversight on IPA funds, and to present the experience from Macedonia in Serbia and in the region as well.

At the meeting the Macedonian case study of conducting IPA oversight through the organization of oversight hearings, as well as the results and findings were presented.
Several conclusions were drawn from the meeting:

• Bilateral and multilateral meetings and cooperation between the assemblies of the Western Balkan countries is essential in the EU integration process;
• There is a general lack of capacity within the administration to control and conduct oversight onIPA spending in the Western Balkans;
• The NPC is proving to be an effective model of regional parliamentary cooperation and should be further promoted and supported;

These conclusions will serve as a basis for development of even deeper and more extensive cooperation between the two parliaments in the field of conducting of oversight on IPA funds.
This bilateral meeting between the Assembly of Republic of Macedonia and the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia is part of the activities of the Regional Network on Parliamentary Committees for Economy, Finance and European integration of Western Balkans, supported and financed by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.