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NPC board members meet in Belgrade

September 18th 2015, Belgrade, Serbia

Caption: Members of the NPC board on a meeting in Belgrade, Serbia.

The NPC board meeting took place on September 18th 2015 in the National Assembly of Republic of Serbia and was chaired by Branislav Borenovic. During the course of this regular board meeting the members made an overview of the activities that took place within the NPC in the previous three months, and planed and set the dates for the activities that should take place in the forthcoming three months.

The members of the board briefed their colleagues from the region, on the political situation in each of the countries, as well as discussed the possibility of for providing financing for the network through the budget of each of the member parliaments. During the meeting Mr. Emil Atanasovski, Director of WFD Western Balkans programme, informed the members of the board that the regional office of the NPC is now officially moved from Skopje to Belgrade where it will continue its work.

At the end, the members of the board agreed that the next meeting will take place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, one day before the regional conference.