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The NPC board holds a board meeting in the National Assembly of Republic of Srpska

April 28th 2015, Banja Luka, Bosnia and HerzegovinŠ°

Deputy board member Zeljka Stoijcic and board members Branislav Borenovic and Almir Zulic following the discussion at the meeting of the NPC board  in Banja Luka


Setting the dates for the future activities of the Network of Parliamentary Committees on Economy, Finance and European Integration of Western Balkans (NPC), moving the WFD WB office and the NPC Secretariat to Belgrade and the verification of the new mandates of Board and Deputy Board members for the time period from April 1th 2015 to March 31th 2017 were just some of the key topics that were discussed at the meeting of the NPC board which took place in Banja Luka in late April.

The Board members participating in the meeting were informed about the extension and the launch of a new, three-year WFD Western Balkans program for the period from April 1th 2015 to March 31th 2018. Emil Atanasovski, Director of the Western Balkans program informed the MPs about the planned support that NPC will be receiving through the program in the following period. He informed the MPs that WFD is moving its regional office from Skopje to Belgrade and he also informed them that the MP Secretariat will be based in Belgrade in the upcoming period as well. Since the Parliaments of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be chairing the NPC board in the upcoming six months, it was decided that Branislav Borenovic, MP from the National Assembly of Republic of Srpska will be chairing the work of the NPC board for the first half, while an MP from the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will take over and preside over the work of the NPC Board in the second half. New board members and their mandates for the next two years were confirmed during the meeting.

Towards the end of the meeting it was agreed that the next board meeting will take place in Sarajevo in September and planning has started for organizing a regional parliamentary conference on financial oversight, which is also scheduled to take place in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.