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Inducition workshop for newly elected MPs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Twenty five newly elected MPs from the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the National Assembly of theRepublic of Srpska were part of the induction workshop organized by the Network of Parliamentary Committees for Economy, Finance and European Integration of the Western Balkans (NPC) within the Western Balkans programme of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD).

During the workshop the new MPs had the opportunity to be inducted by their more experienced colleagues in the essentials of parliamentary work and parliamentary procedures, introducing them to what it means to be a new member in parliament.

“The main document which allows the MPs to practice their prerogatives and regulates the internal functioning of the parliament is the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure. However, the Rules of Procedure are not set in stone, they are a living matter that requires periodical revisions.” –  Mr. Vukota Govedarica, member of the collegium of the National Assembly of Republic of Srpska, explained to the participants.

The two-day induction workshop also covered the topics of budgetary and financial oversight and oversight of the funds of the European Union, and the attending MPs were provided with firsthand knowledge and advice from their more experienced colleagues in how to conduct more effective oversight.

What we as MPs need to ask for, in order to get a clearer picture about what needs to be changed, are performance revision and performance oversight. This type of oversight is the most important one in modern democracies and that is something that we need to insist on in our parliaments as well.” – said Mr. Elvir Karajbić, Member of the Joint Committee responsible for audit within the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Toolkits and briefs on how to conduct budgetary, financial and oversight on IPA 2 funds were presented to the participants as well.

After the workshop Mr. Almir Zulic, newly elected MP in the Parliament of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, stated that: “As a new MP, for me it has been very useful that from the start of my term of office I have been provided with an opportunity to participate at this kind of event organized by WFD, where I have an opportunity to exchange experiences and come to common conclusions together with my colleagues. This is extremely important for a new MP.”

This is the second induction workshop for newly elected MPs, organized by the NPC within the WFD Western Balkans programme. The first induction training took place in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia on July 23rd 2014, and it was attended by 42 newly elected MPs from the National Assembly of Serbia.