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Topic: Albania – Montenegro, a bright example of bilateral cooperation in the Western Balkans

Topic: Albania – Montenegro, a bright example of bilateral cooperation in the Western Balkans

December 6th 2014, Tirana, Albania

On December 6th 2014, MPs from the Committee on Economy, Finance and Budget of the Parliament of Montenegro and the Economy and Finance Committee of the Parliament of the Republic of Albania held a meeting in Tirana, Albania.

The meeting covered several topics, including: cooperation between Montenegro and Albania in the field of transport, fiscal harmonisation of Albanian and Montenegrin legislation with the European acquis, and cooperation of the two countries aimed at attracting resources from regional and IPA funds in accordance with the conclusions from the Berlin Summit, held on 28th August 2014.

In addition to the 12 MPs from the two parliaments, the meeting was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Transport of the Government of Albania, Mr Ylli Manjani, and the Specialist from the Fiscal Policy Division of the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Albania, Ms Zarina Taja.

In the introductory address, MPs Ervin Koci from Albania and Aleksandar Damjanović expressed expectation that the meeting would contribute to strengthening of parliamentary cooperation, and that it would provide an additional impulse in, otherwise very good, the bilateral cooperation of the two countries.

The Albanian Government with the assistance of the German Development Bank provided the necessary funds and decided to finish the missing part of the highway Podgorica – Plav going through Albania. This is a good step towards completing this highway of significant economic importance for Montenegro and Albania.” - stated the Deputy Minister Manjani.

The MPs present at the meeting discussed the experiences of building a highway through Albania, and how the Albanian Parliament conducted oversight of this project. This is an esspecialy importatan topic having in mind the announcement of building a highway through Montenegro.

The participants agreed to prepare conclusions and recommendations that would be later delivered to the Governments of Montenegro and Republic of Albania.

The meeting in Tirana is a follow-up of the meeting that the two committees had in Ulcinj, Montenegro, in June 2014, where they explored the “Parliamentary dimension of cooperation between Montenegro and the Republic of Albania in the field of transport”, and is one in the series of similar meetings organized as part of the activities of the Network of Parliamentary Committees on Economy, Finance and European Integration of the Western Balkans (NPC).