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MPs and parliamentary staff from three parliaments in Bosnia and Herzegovina continue IPA oversight training sessions

July 21st - 22nd 2014, Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

As part of a series of workshops  on IPA oversight, on 21st and 22nd of July, 26 MPs and parliamentary staff from Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in a training that took place in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Participants of the training included representatives from the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the National Assembly of Republika Srpska and had a chance to hear from Mrs. Malinka Ristevska – Jordanova, an expert on IPA funding.

“The training was very useful, complete with concrete and practical examples of parliamentary oversight of IPA funds. Using the knowledge acquired, I believe we can organize thematic sessions to inform the public, as well as the municipalities of the possibilities of IPA funding.” – said Igor Sekulic, a participant and an advisor in the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska.

The participants were also introduced to the novelties that are planned under the IPA 2 program and the changes it entails from the previous IPA funding program. Furthermore, through examples from other Parliaments in the region, the parliamentary staff was encouraged to use various tools and techniques in offering adequate support to the MPs.

“I am particularly satisfied with the trainer, as well as the methods used in the training.” – stated Ljiljana Timotija, after the two days of training. Apart from real-life examples and presentations, the participants were also given practical assignments that strengthened their skills for preparing for a potential IPA oversight session in their parliamentary committees.

The training was organized by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy as part of the parliamentary capacity-building activities of the Network for Parliamentary Committees on Economy, Finance and European Integration on the Western Balkans.

WFD is supporting the Network through a three-year programme, from 2012 to 2015, aimed at strengthening the role of the parliaments in the Western Balkans in promoting competitiveness and economic growth as well as strengthening their oversight role.