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Montenegrin and Albanian MPs meet in Ulcinj for a bilateral meeting organized by the NPC to discuss joint infrastructure and transport needs

On June 15th in Ulcinj, Montenegrin two delegations from the committees on budget and finance in the Parliament of Montenegro and the Parliament of Albania, met for a bilateral meeting organized by the NPC to discuss joined infrastructure and transport issues. Chosen for it strategic transport and infrastructure location, the city of Ulcinj stands as a symbol for the practical needs to further develop existing transport connections on the ground, in the air and the sea between the  two neighbouring countries.

Head of the Montenegrin delegation and current chairman of the NPC Board, Mr. Damjanovic, welcomed Mr Ivan Brajovic, Minister of transport in the Government of Montenegro and Mr Orhan Sahmanovic, mayor of the municipality of Plav. Together with the deputy mayor of Ulcinj, Mr. Ardian Mavric, they elaborated to their Albanian counterparts the perspectives for better infrastructure connections  , on national and local level.

“Without progress in the area of transport, there won’t be progress in the area of European integration. This kind of meetings and initiatives are catalysers for the process of European integration.” – said Mr Ervin Koci, Head of the delegation of the Parliament of Albania and chairperson of the committee on Budget and Finance in the Albanian parliament.

Special discussion  was put on the need for electrification and revitalization of the railway Podgorica – Skadar, and it was pointed out that this project is one of the more important proejcts in the Strategy for regional development of Montenegro 2014-2020 in the part of the strategy that deals with transportation. It was concluded that the road between Podgorica and Tirana has great significance for the region. It has been commonly agreed that the road Plav – Podgorica, through the Republic of Albania, is a priority project of common interest, and it should be built as a modern, two-track route of 6m.  

At the end of the bilateral meeting, it was agreed that both parliamentary delegations will propose conslusions in their respective parliamentary committees that, once agreed, will be delivered to the governments of Montenegro and Albania.

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